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  • Living With My Ex
    I’m in bed right now barely able to do anything because I’m experiencing severe nausea. I even had to go and crouch in front of the toilet with my head hanging over, hoping that if something came up I wouldn’t get anything on my favorite Stranger Things sweater. I came back to my room andContinue reading “Living With My Ex”
  • Ancestry
    I got an ancestry DNA kit from my boyfriend Ryder on my birthday. For the LONGEST time I have wanted to know where the hell I’m from. I admit, I do envy people who know their lineage and have their own culture, food, languages, music, etc. Black people are not from America so I’d reallyContinue reading “Ancestry”
  • DeadName
    For the majority of my life, I have not identified with or liked the name that my parents assigned me at birth. It is a religious name, and commonly a male name. The latter has been the most difficult as I am often misgendered at medical appointments and government agencies. I visited my parents forContinue reading “DeadName”
  • DreamsFromDiary5
    “December 25, 2007: Christmas Eve 10:19AM: I had a dream about going on this evil enchanted train and I knew all about it but dad wouldn’t admit it. Then we landed at this city where there were evil creatures everywhere spying on each other, trying to kill each other. I turned into a raven andContinue reading “DreamsFromDiary5”

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