The Waiting Game

Today is Easter Sunday. This means nothing to me as I do not follow any religion. It’s been a pretty boring day. I made a mental list of things I want to do to keep myself busy. I am finishing up digitizing all of my family videos. This project has taken me a few months since there were literally over 200 videos.

I’ve also watched some TV, drawn on myself with temporary tattoo markers, and played some games on my tablet. Later I plan to wash my hair, maybe do some makeup, and if I have the energy, make a Tik Tok video or sing a few songs on the Karaoke app Smule.

Tomorrow I have a COVID test for a gig I have on Tuesday. It’s a background acting gig. I’m excited about it. I really do enjoy doing background work. It’s amazing to be on set and see how everything works, especially when it’s a show or movie that I’m a fan of or have seen before. My role is spectator on a kid’s movie, so it should be a nice fun day. This is the first job I’ve had in a long time. I can’t wait until things go back to some form of normalcy so that there will be more opportunities.

Last week I auditioned for the lead role in a short film. This is the first time I have gotten the courage to audition for a lead role. The audition was over zoom and I was told I did a great job. I then received a call back for a supporting role. I was butt hurt for about two seconds, but then happy and grateful for the opportunity. Call backs are always a good thing.

I was told we would hear about whether we got the roles or not within the week, but I haven’t heard anything yet. It’s not something I’m stressed about, thank goodness, and I will continue to submit to other roles.

This weekend I have really tried to take the time to relax and give myself a break from submitting. I put a lot of pressure on myself to try and get work and see results quickly. But in reality, it’s not really in my hands. All I can do is put myself out there and wait.

Published by TheLavenderWolf

I am a 27-year-old trudging through the perilous journey of healing myself from traumas from childhood to adulthood. This is the time of my resurgence.

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