I have no job since we are still in the midst of a national pandemic. The united states continues to disgust me at the amount of people that are against protocols like wearing masks for all of our safety. They fail to realize that they would get what they wanted (for things to go back to normal) a lot sooner if they just complied. But I digress. During this time, I have not had any income. Last year after being laid off from my job as a therapist, I was on unemployment for an entire year. Because I have only had about one solid year in the workforce with a good job, last year used up the entire balance I earned for my unemployment fund.

It’s been about six months since we were all ordered to stay at home and by the grace of (not god), I have a wonderful roommate who has been a literal financial savior. I feel more supported by him than my own parents. However, I have recently been looking online for work at home jobs. In the past, probably about three or so years ago, I did some transcription work and earned dick. However, it’s several years later and I am willing to do more research to find a better company that pays way more than dicks; hopefully they have vaginas as well. I found such a company that seemed promising. Unlike many other companies that pay around $5 an hour (criminals), with this one, I predicted that I have a really good chance of covering my share of the rent, with a lot of hard work and dedication.

It really will take a lot of effort on my part becuase this transcription shit is tedious. Today I completed an assessment where they send you a video of different interviews and dialogue and expect that you follow a biajillion rules and guidelines to produce a solid transcription. I spent a few days before hand reading through all of the rules and guidelines. Some of the information was familiar, but I did not remember there being so much I had to remember and employ while converting audio to text. The clip they send was around five minutes. It took me several hours to complete. Granted a lot of that time was re-reviewing the guidelines and figuring out how to use the new transcription software that I downloaded. During the test, I remained very frustrated and felt hopeless more than a few times but I got it done. I tried telling myself it was only a test, and I’m technically learning something new that I’m not super good at. It does get easier over time. Matter of fact, I found that by the last portion of the video, it seemed as if I were moving a bit faster and felt a little less frustrated than the beginning.

Having submitted said test, I am now awaiting to see if I made the cut or if I suck. If I suck, I’ll just look elsewhere. I’m not going to give up because this is actually something that I want to do. Im really not interested in a job where I have to work with other people. Not right now anyways.

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I am a 27-year-old trudging through the perilous journey of healing myself from traumas from childhood to adulthood. This is the time of my resurgence.

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