I am a dreamer, literally. I consistently have vivid, lucid dreams that are related to what I am going through in reality. In the following dreams, taken from the diary of my summer break before high school when I was 13 years old, they were more of an escape and a manifestation of my innermost desires.

June 15, 2007: “Last night these were my dreams:

1) I slept with Boston when I went to a sleepover at Jo’s.

2) I slept with Boston’s cousin when we were over Jo’s house.

3) Youth group was at my house playing hide and seek and me and Milo both hid in the closet downstairs. We were very close and holding each other. I kissed him softly. We heard someone coming in and went deeper into the closet. They found us.

4) Milo, Keith, Logan, and I were on a trampoline. Milo fell accidentally on top of me. He said I smelled like strawberries earlier when we were inside the closet and I said he smelled good too, like cologne. Then he gave me a quick kiss and ran inside. Keith started to cry. Logan said Keith liked me and his feelings were hurt because I kissed Milo. I hugged him. Turns out, all of them like me. I asked all of them to be my special friends and keep my secrets safe. Right before I had to leave I hugged everyone and gave Milo the last hug. We were close together and we smelled each other. I whispered “thanks” he whispered “you’re welcome.” I smiled sweetly and walked out the door. Everyone stared at Milo in awe… Well those are my dreams. I know they’re all about guys.”

June 16, 2007: “Guess who my dreams were about last night? Youth group and boys. I guess I just really miss being in youth group. I had two dreams:

1) Youth group was going to Six Flags and while we were walking along the path to get there, Logan and Mike pushed me over the side of the railing and I fell down that steep hill cutting myself as I fell. I almost plunged into the water, but I held onto a branch. I heard Milo call my name and he soon came sliding down to get me. I took his hand and we started to climb. I got blood on him because we were so close. One of the branches we held onto slipped and we slid. I slid farther and ended up holding onto his foot. I climbed up his legs and then grabbed his waist, and then his shoulders. He was stuck holding onto a tree branch and I was stuck laying on top of him. We were both belly down. We heard a news reporter reporting our situation, but we didn’t think they could hear us. I whispered, “I don’t know if you know this already, but I really like you.” “Well, yeah I kind of knew” he said back. “Was it that obvious?” I asked. “Yeah” he said “but I really like you too.” I held onto him tighter and then Pastor T came down. Before he reached up, I whispered “If we get through this, remind me to thank you.” They took us to the hospital and we were both bandaged up and sitting on our beds. Actually, it was more like a nearby hospital tent. We were alone so I walked over to where he was, kissed him on the cheek, and said “thanks for saving me.” He blushed. The end.

2) Youth group got shipwrecked and we were all in a raft. Milo fell off so I jumped in the water and rescued him. “You’re alive!” I shouted, hugging him. Pink, Sharon, and Tina kind of looked at me funny. I found life jackets and blankets for everyone. Then Logan fell off in a wave. I jumped out to get him and we lost sight of the raft. We started swimming towards a light knowing that they would probably go that way. The end.”

July 17, 2007: “I had a dream that I was going to be the next teen popstar! There was a song contest and I won! I sang one of Hannah Montana’s songs and I got to sit with her afterwards and talk to her. She seemed too caught up in the fans. I didn’t think mom was going to let me do the contest. I was at school with Hannah walking through a huge crowd and people were staring and trying to talk to us. We kind of talked and smiled back. We knocked over some people but Hannah said it didn’t matter because we were famous! I thought she was a bit different than on TV. The dream was supposed to be exciting but it was mostly weird because I wasn’t really a popstar because mom would probably never allow it, so she messed it up! The whole dream was ruined! That’s probably why it felt so real. My feelings were exactly the same as if I were awake. Probably because I wasn’t in a deep sleep. I kept waking up last night. So reality peeked through and my dream wasn’t really a huge fantasy.”

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I am a 27-year-old trudging through the perilous journey of healing myself from traumas from childhood to adulthood. This is the time of my resurgence.

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