MyFirstDiary Part2

January 18, 2007: “Mrs. Seeker (the middle school dance teacher) said Mrs. Rogers, head of no limit rhythm (the middle school dance program) was looking at me and she thought I was a really good dancer. They’re going to recommend me for U.R. That’s S High’s dance group. We’ll do assemblies and a whole lot of other stuff! I have to try out, but I know I’ll make it.”

January 25, 2007: “Today was the lip-sync contest. There were two groups. Bria from leadership and me Jo and Lynn. Bria was kind of boring no offense. We lip-synced to Ain’t No Other Man by Christina Aguilera. We did pretty good although I don’t think first lunch liked us as much. That’s where all the black kids are and the preppy people. I don’t even think Mo watched, but I really don’t care. She’s been a real bitch lately. She’s so annoying. Sometimes I just want to yell in her face!! Just wait until I get my hair braided. She’s going down! I did really good at the lip-synch thing though. If we win, we’re going to the crest theatre to compete with other schools! Later!”

January 28, 2007: “Yesterday after church me Jo and Mo and our parents all met at Taco Bell to discuss our situation. It went well and we all apologized. I just had to learn that my friends will get other friends and I have to accept that. I did. The thing was that Mo kept acting older than she really was and that’s annoying. Now we’re cool. Me and Mo are friends. This Friday me and Mo are both going to spend the night over at Jo’s house. I hope that we get to perform our lip-synch song but we might not. I don’t want people to make fun of us again though. We might have to spring out some funky outfits. Maybe change a little dance moves. I have two essays due this Friday and I lost my social science textbook. I have to get back to work. Toodles.”

February 6, 2007: “We actually didn’t spend the night over Jo’s house because she forgot to clean the bathroom. I still have a ton of homework.”

February 28, 2007: “I haven’t written in a while. Me and Lynn are stuck doing the lip-sync contest by ourselves because Jo didn’t tell us. You know, well maybe not, that she stole Alex’s cell phone for a week, yeah. She didn’t erase the text messages. Stupid. Well her mother informed me on Tuesday (today’s Tuesday) that Jo knew two weeks ago that she couldn’t do the contest. She was supposed to call me and Lynn and tell us but she didn’t. Now we have to do Ciara’s song Get Up by ourselves. We might only get to practice three times before the contest. Then that night, we’re leaving for Disneyland! If we won, I could brag to the people on the bus! I would be famous or maybe not. It would be cool to brag about our victory though. I want to come in first place. You know what, I think I’m being too self-centered. All I wanted was to come in first place. Bragging is not an option. Here’s all the boys I like from 1 to 10…”

Hours Later 5:05PM. “Also my friend Martha said her friends were talking about me. She was probably lying. And a guy stole my umbrella and then dumped it in the trash. Rough day? Yeah. And a lot of people think that I’m a dork. But that’s probably because my braids are fuzzy, I usually carry an umbrella or Victoria Secret bag along with my shoulder sling backpack that hangs at my waist. That will change.”

March 3, 2007: “Mom just braided my hair. It looks pretty cool. I switched my backpack so now I wear the polkadot one I put on my back. I also don’t carry anything extra. Maybe I’ll finish this diary by the end of the year. Then I’ll have a summer diary. Maybe I’ll have a high school one too! I hope I don’t run out of space. I love this book! You’re really someone I can talk to. You absorb every word and you don’t throw out an insult, give me a dirty look, or tell anyone else. You’re truly my best friend.”

March 9, 2007: “Regular day. The 13th 14th and 15th I have to go to clinics to learn what we’re going to be doing for tryouts at the U.R. audition. I hope I do OK.”

March 12, 2007: “Tomorrow is the clinic thing for U.R. I don’t know why I seem so nervous. Probably great because there’s gonna be people older than me and I wasn’t in dance 8. They’re just teaching us stuff. They’re not even holding auditions yet. I just don’t want to be with a whole lot of people I don’t know” (I’m still like this) “I hope I don’t have to do anything by myself. Also, I need to find out when it’s supposed to end. god, please let me remember to ask Miss Seeker when the clinic ends and call mother in a timely manner.” (with no cellphone) And please let the printer work. Amen.”

March 13, 2007: “The clinic session wasn’t that bad. There were a lot of people. The person taught the routine really fast and the song is fast. I got kind of frustrated. This is what it’s going to have to be like. I want to be the best so I’m going to practice and work hard. I hope I can get the song from iTunes.”

April 17, 2007: “It’s after school. Yesterday we had the CST rally. Me and Lynn did our lip-sync song. We didn’t even mess up. The end was pretty shaky. Well, we got a lot of cheers. We got compliments all day.”

End of Diary #1

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